Portrait of Zach Hardee

Youth Orchestra

Zach Hardee

Rockwood Summit High School

A Senior at Rockwood Summit High School, Zach Hardee has been playing Tuba for six years. Initially playing Trombone in his first semester of sixth grade, Hardee switched to Tuba in the next semester. Hardee has participated in many ensembles, including various Rockwood Summit Ensembles, All Suburban and State Band, Young Peoples Symphonic Orchestra and the St. Louis Academy Brass Band. Hardee has also done five performances at the District Solo and Ensemble, and two at the State solo and Ensemble. Hardee is very excited to have the chance to be in the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, and would like to thank his Family, for their support, as well as his teachers, Jeremy Knudtson, Jeremy Loui, Daniel Pace, Joseph Padawan, Colin Hunt, and Jared Brockmeyer.

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