Portrait of Alex Chen

Youth Orchestra

Alex Chen

Marquette High School

A St. Louis resident his whole life, Alex was born in September of 2006 and plans on graduating with the class of 2024. Perhaps just as long as he’s lived in St. Louis, he’s been surrounded by music, starting his classical music journey with piano at the age of five years old. Soon after, he picked up violin, and by the time he had finished his first year of middle school, he had started practicing bassoon as well. During that time, Alex was selected for his first all suburban band program which introduced him to other high musical achievers similar to him.

By high school, Alex had decided to focus more on bassoon, being selected as an alternate to the All-Suburban, All-State, and the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra twice. Not letting this discourage him, he continued practicing, seeking for a spot as an official member on any of the programs. As a sophomore, he was selected to the All-Suburban band, and by his junior year, he was selected to the All-State band. The summer of 2023 between his junior and senior year was when he finally earned a spot in the SLSYO.

Throughout his journey thus far, Alex couldn’t have done it without the help of his friends, family, and teachers. Music can be entertaining to play in itself, but playing with peers makes it that much more enjoyable. Playing wouldn’t be possible without the support and patience of his parents and, of course, his teachers. That being said, Alex’s musical career isn’t over yet as he hopes to be able to participate in some wind ensembles or musical conservatories in college.

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