Portrait of Wayne Yue

Youth Orchestra

Wayne Yue

Clayton High School

For ten years, Wayne has been engaged with a lifelong passion for playing the violin. Born in the Garden State but raised in the Show Me State, Wayne has had the blessing to be able to perform with many local and state orchestras throughout his ten years of violin, constantly attending concerts, gaining experience, and making his way up to more challenging orchestras throughout the years.

Wayne is currently 15 years of age, and resides in St. Louis, Missouri–a city filled with art and music. Wayne is a former member of the Community Music School of Webster University. Throughout his years at CMS, Wayne has learned and developed numerous skills in violin and teamwork necessary at the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. His ten years of violin skill would also not be possible without his private teacher, Twinda Murry. Wayne is deeply grateful for all that Twinda and CMS have done for him, and the experience he has gained from them. Now, he hopes to carry that experience into SLSYO.

For his first year at SLSYO, Wayne plans to participate as an Alternate. Even though Alternates have less of an opportunity to perform at SLSYO, Wayne hopes that being an Alternate will help him slowly ease into the challenging Youth Orchestra and will also allow him to pursue other hobbies as well. Aside from violin, Wayne enjoys serving his high school class as the Class President, and also enjoys reading.

Concerts + Events

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