Portrait of Brandon Hu

Youth Orchestra

Brandon Hu

John Burroughs School

Brandon is an 8th grader at John Burroughs School. This is his first season with St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. Brandon started learning violin 10 years ago when he was 3. As he grows as a musician, he has felt more and more joy of playing music. He also has been fascinated with the art history and the life experiences of so many composers. Besides playing violin. Brandon had spent 3 years at St. Louis Children’s Choir and enjoyed singing very much. His favorite song at the Choir was “Bist du bei mir” by Bach. Brandon enjoys writing songs about his life and experiences, visiting and learning about places around the world, and likes to swim and go out with his friends.

Brandon joined the String Orchestra at Community Music School of Webster University in 2018. He then played in the Young People Concert Orchestra at CMS for 2 seasons. During the 2022/2023 season, Brandon was the principle of second violin at the Young People Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Patrick Jackson and performed at the Missouri Music Educator Association annual meeting. Those experiences have helped Brandon in becoming a better orchestra violinist and prepared him well for his upcoming role at SLSYO.

Brandon began learning violin from Ms. Celina Casado who was instrumental in helping Brandon to discover his passion for violin and music in general. Since 2017, Brandon has been a student of Ms. Joo Kim who not only has taught Brandon various violin techniques, but, more importantly, has guided Brandon to develop a positive mindset to be more persistent, motivated, and disciplined. He is very grateful for all her patience and effort in teaching him through all these years.

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